NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder-Review

Hey everyone,

I’m in love and I don’t care who knows..lol. I guess you can see how this review is going to go. Highlighting is so popular right now. If they can’t see your glow from space, you’re doing it wrong. 

A new trend in highlighting is duo chrome highlighters. Shades like purple, pink and blue are showing up more in collection. I’m loving this trend.

One of my new favorite highlighters are the NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powders. I currently own two, twilight tint and lavender steel. They come in five shades and retails for $7.99. 

Without flash 

With flash

Without flash 

With flash

After seeing how popular purple highlighters are I really wanted to purchase the lavender steel shade but when I got to the store twilight tint caught me eye. It’s gorgeous, especially if you’re pale like me.

After falling in love with twilight tint, I just had to purchase lavender steel. I like lavender steel but twilight tint is amazing. The lavender shade does work with my skin tone but it doesn’t pack as much glow as twilight does.

These go on smooth and last a long time. These are very buildable. You can go from a subtle glow to a blinding glow.

I recommend checking out this highlighter.

What is your favorite highlighter?

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Wet n Wild Megaglo Makeup Stick Highlight

Hey everyone,

As everyone in the world knows, I’m obsessed with Wet n Wild makeup. The quality and affordability is amazing, especially when you have a makeup budget. So, it’s no secret that I would love the highlight stick.

I bought the shade, when the nude strikes. It’s a really pretty champagne shade.

Here it is not blended out, with flash and without.

Here it is blended out, with flash and without flash.

This highlighter stick blends out beautifully and lasts all day. It’s gives your skin a beautiful glow. Plus, you can’t beat the $3.99 price tag.

I’m loving that Wet n Wild is expanding their line to include contour and highlighting products. These are an affordable alternative to the pricier products. Save yourself some money and check out these amazing products.

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Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream Review

Hey everyone!!

I recently picked up the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream on clearance at Big Lots. It was marked down to $2.50. I’ve been wanting a bb cream for a while now and when I saw the price, I knew this was the bb cream for me.

While searching online for a picture to use (I’m sick and don’t feel like taking a picture of the actual product. Even though taking the pictures are one of my favorite parts of blogging ) I couldn’t find one on the Olay website. I finally found a picture on Amazon but the product is unavailable. So I’m not sure if they are discontinuing  this product. Which is sad because this is the first bb cream that I actually like.

On to the review-

From Amazon

Thoughts-  This is actually the first bb cream that I’ve liked, I think in the past I wanted something with more coverage and with the bb cream it’s just a tinted moisturizer and doesn’t give very much coverage. Since I’m older now and have a family, the amount of time that I spend on my makeup has been cut in half, so using a bb cream is a wonderful option. I really like this bb cream.


  1. Fast and easy to apply
  2. Great smell
  3. SPF 15
  4. Light weight 
  5. Great coverage for a bb cream
  6. It made my skin look amazing.


  1. Feels kinda slimey when I start sweating.
  2. Ended up having to powder my forehead
  3. May be discontinued 

I got so many compliments on my skin when I was wearing this bb cream. It didn’t cover all my flaws but it did blur out the redness and acne scars. I will definitely be wearing this for the rest of the summer.What is your favorite bb cream?

wearing the Olay Fresh Effects bb cream

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Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit-Review

Hey everyone!!! 

Time to do some Makeup Revolution reviews… Yay!! I’m very excited about this brand. I think the U.K. has some amazing makeup brands and I wish more of them were available in the U.S. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous..lol

I was very excited when Ulta started selling Makeup Revolution. I’ve heard so many great things about this brand that I had to try it out for myself.

Today I’m going to review the Focus and Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit. 

Medium Dark

From the Ulta Website-

Makeup Revolution’s Focus & Fix Brow Kit is the ultimate must-have brow kit containing 3 brow powders and a wax cream. The shades are all very blendable to match your eyebrow color easily, and the applicator included is all you need for a perfect brow.

My Thoughts- Before using the Focus and Fix I was using the E.L.F eyebrow pencil. While it’s good for $2, I found that it would disappear throughout the day. Plus, I suck at using and eyebrow pencil, actually I suck at doing brows in general. 

Eyebrows not on fleek..lol

But with the Focus and Fix, I found that it was so much easier to use the powder. I love how this palette has three different shades, which when applied correctly can make your brows look very natural. 

Another thing that I really like about this palette is that they come with handy dandy little tools to help shape your brows. The angled eyebrow brush is actually really good. Sometimes the brushes in palettes can suck. They also come with a cute little tweezer. 
I also found that the powder lasted a long time on my brows. I use a my face primer on my brows when using powder brow products to help it last all day.

 The Focus and Fix is only $6 at Ulta. 

I highly recommend the Focus and Fix. It’s a great inexpensive brow palette and it’s perfect for beginners and for people like me, who suck at eyebrows.

Eyebrows on Fleek!!

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Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter Review

Hey everyone!!

Since I’m all done with Wet n Wild reviews, now I can start on Makeup Revolution…Yay!!!!

I’m so happy that Makeup Revolution is available in the U.S., now if we can only get all the other amazing brands from the U.K. over here I will be one happy lady. 

Today I’m going to review Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighting Powder in Golden Lights. Wow, that’s a mouth full.

Without Falsh

With Falsh

With Flash

Without Flash

The Review- This is absolutely gorgeous. The Golden Lights shade is so beautiful on fair skin tones. It’s blends out beautifully and lasts a long time when used with primer. They only thing that I didn’t like about this product is that it’s really powdery. So, it can get all over the place.

One thing I started doing with my highlighter is waiting until after I apply my setting spray to apply my powder highlighter. When you do this it intensifies the highlighter and I swear they can see your highlight from space. I’m not sure who “they” are but with all the glowing going on down here, we may get some visitors..lol

Another thing that I like about this brand is that it’s affordable. It’s $6 at Ulta and they always have sales and coupons. If there is one thing I love it’s great quality, affordable makeup. 

Final Thought- As the kids say now a days, this is the bomb. Do they still say that? Anyways, this is definitely a run don’t walk product. If you are looking for an affordable highlighter, check it out.

If anyone uses this product, please let me know your thoughts?

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Essence Lip product review.

Hey everyone!!

So, I was thinking.. When did lip products start being called lippies and sunglasses start being called sunnies? I never got the announcement and didn’t know we were allowed to change words. Man, I’m old…lol

Anyways…. As some of you know, I have a deep down passionate love for lip products. Here’s the order of the things I love.. God, my husband and daughter, lip products and then the rest of my family.. Sorry mom and dad..lol

Today I’m going to review a lipstick and a liquid lipstick from Essence.

Blush My Lips 
The picture makes this look more red but it more of a pink red and it’s gorgeous. I love the formula because it glides on so smooth and last a long time before having to be reapplied. I purchased this from Target for only $2.99.. It’s amazing for the price. The packaging is small and very cute. I highly recommend checking out the lipsticks from Essence.

Make a Statement
Well, this is one product that I don’t like at all. It’s a liquid lipstick but it doesn’t last long and you have to keep reapplying it and it just sucks. I also bought this at Target its $3.49 but even for that price I would pass. The only thing I like about this product is the packaging. It’s very cute!!

Here is swatches of both the products 

The liquid lipstick color looks a lot different in this picture than in real life. It’s a lot darker in the picture.

When it comes to lip products, I’m very critical, I guess because they are my favorite. So, just because I don’t love the liquid lipstick doesn’t mean you might not like it.

What is you favorite lip product or lippie?..lol

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Wet n Wild Limited Edition Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio review

Hey everyone!!!

I know what you’re thinking, not another Wet n Wild review and believe me, I’m getting sick of these but this is my last one from my huge Wet n Wild haul….yay!!!  I promise I won’t have another Wet n Wild review for awhile, promise.

So today we are reviewing these bad boys and when I say bad, I mean bad..lol. No, these are not that bad…lol

The New Romantics
No false


Review- This is the New Romantics trio, it’s my least favorite of the two. As you can see it’s very pretty but very shimmery. It’s really hard to use the whole palette at one time, unless you like the 70’s disco look. So, you may want to incorporate a matte shadow.

The eyeshadows themselves are very soft and powdery but this palette for some reason was very hard to work with, which is weird because the other palette is very different. Another thing, is that there is tons of fall out and you should wait until after doing your eyes to apply foundation.

One last thing, I think if you use your finger to apply this shadow it would apply so much better than with a brush. 

I would probably pass on this trio but I can’t because I already bought it..lol

To In-Di-O I Go Go
No Flash


Review- When Wet n Wild created this trio, they were smart and added a matte shade. I actually really like this palette, the three shades go very well together and you can get a complete look with these three shades. 

The consistency of this palette feels different from the first palette. It feels more creamy than soft and is very easy to work with, unlike the last palette. You still get fallout and need to do your foundation last.

I think this palette is really nice. I think with Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes, sometimes it’s hit or miss. 

Final Thoughts- I think these are ok trios but would I tell you these are must haves and you have to run right out and find these… No!!! For only $2.99 these are a great deal but if you buy one, buy the To In-Di-O I Go Go. 

There you go, that’s the last Wet n Wild review for awhile. I love afford makeup and Wet n Wild is one of my favorite brands. If you haven’t checked out Wet n Wild for awhile, I recommend checking it out and letting me know what you think.

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