November Favorites2017!!!

Hey everyone,

It’s the end of the month, which means time for favorites..Yay!!!!

Makeup Favorites-

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless!!! I love this foundation. This is the perfect winter foundation if you like your skin nice and matte without it feeling dry. This has been my go to foundation this month.

L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise- This Mascara is the bomb dot com. Seriously, this makes my lashes look amazing without clumping.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette- This is the perfect Fall and Winter eyeshadow palette. I have been wearing this almost every time I do my makeup.

Lipsense has become my go to lipstick of choice. I love that I don’t have to worry about it coming off when I eat or kiss my husband and daughter.

Favorite Tv Shows-

  • Stranger Things- I just started watching this show and I love it.
  • Fixer Upper- I seriously want to be able to decorate like Joanna Gaines.

There you have my favorites this months Favorites.

What are some of your favorites this month?

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Stay at Home Mom- 5 ways I Take Time for Myself!!!

Hey everyone,

I’m truly blessed to have an amazing hard working husband. Jim works two jobs so I’m able to stay at home with our daughter. I would be lost without him, that’s for sure.

I’m a Mom to a 2 1/2 years old girl named Mattie. Mattie is smart, beautiful and caring. Mattie is also rambunctious, precocious and a typical toddler. I love her more than anything in this whole world but some days I just want to pull my hair out…lol

Being a stay at home mom means, you don’t get a break from your job. You wake up and go straight to work. Not only are you trying to keep a small child alive but you also do housework. When I do housework, I feel like I have a mini drill sergeant yelling at me the whole time. All I hear is, Mom what are you doing, Mom can I watch Mickey Mouse, Mom can I have a snack, Mom are you cleaning again. Believe me, some days it takes a lot to stay sane.

Taking time out for yourself is very important, not just for yourself but for your child. Here are my top 5 ways that I take time out for myself.

Top 5 Ways I Take Time for Myself-

  • Hide!!! I know it sounds horrible to hide from your child but you really can never hide. I literally have to run to the bathroom, if I want 5 minutes to myself. During those 5 minutes, I have little hands reaching under the door asking me if I’m pooping, if I wiped and saying Mommy I miss you so much.
  • Taking a shower or a bath. Before becoming a mom, showering was something I did out of necessity. Now it’s become a luxury. Early in the morning, it helps me relax before my day starts and at night it helps me unwind after a crazy day. I recommend some aromatherapy while bathing or showering.
  • Arts and crafts- I love doing crafts and this is something that I can do with my daughter. I love being able to create something out of nothing. This definitely helps with any anxiety that I may be having that day.
  • Talking to For most of my day, I talk to my toddler. We mostly talk about cartoons, toys and poop. Seriously, she talks about poop way to much. So it’s nice to have friends that are moms. They know what you are going through and can reassure you that you’re not crazy. I have some amazing Mom friends who I definitely admire and would be lost without.
  • Direct sales business- This might not be for everyone but having a small direct sales business on the side helps me connect with people. Plus, it lets me contribute financially even though it might be a small amount. I like being my own boss, I don’t have a two year old telling me what to

There are my top 5 ways I take time out for myself. These definitely help me stay sane, even on the craziest of days.

What are ways that you take time for yourself?

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Motivation Monday- Thanksgiving Edition

Hey everyone,

So when there’s a holiday that’s based around eating, it’s pretty hard to stick to any diet, at least for me. Thanksgiving has so many good foods, which are mostly carbs. I love carbs, carbs love my body but my body doesn’t love carbs. It’s like a really weird love triangle lol

Monday through Wednesday, my Diet was awesome. I didn’t drink pop, I didn’t eat any sweets. I was rocking it!!

Thursday through Sunday, my diet was a free for all. I ate turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and drank pop. It was so bad but oh so good.

With all that being said, I gained 1 pound. I’m very happy that that’s all I gained, it could have been worse. I’m disappointed that I didn’t limit myself on what I could and couldn’t eat.

So, this week I’m moving forward and not looking back at all that amazing food. Back to low carb and no pop.

I can do it!!!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

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Top 5 Beauty Products of All Time!!!

Hey everyone,

We all have that one beauty product that we can’t live without. Whether it’s skin care, hair care or makeup there is something out there for everyone.

Here’s my top 5 beauty products of all time!! It was so hard to narrow it down to just 5.

5. L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise- $8.99

This is the most amazing mascara that I have ever used. It gives my lashes volume and length while also keeping them soft. How do they do that?!?!?

4. Garnier Micellar Cleaning Water- $6.99

I go through bottles of this like it’s water…lol. This micellar water takes off all my makeup without drying my skin out. I love it!!

3. Perfectly Posh Citrus KISS Lip balm- $5

Citrus Kiss Lip Balm

I have incredibly dry lips, it’s horrible. I used the Perfectly Posh Citrus Kiss Lip balm every morning and night. It keeps my lips hydrated and so soft. I also like that it’s all natural.

2. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan oil- $4.89

I have been using this oil forever. I always use it after I wash my hair. It makes my hair so shiny and sleek. My hair is usually frizzy, so this helps so much.

1. My all time favorite beauty product is something I’m rather new at using but I know that I will always use it and love it.

It’s LipSense!!!!

Lip products are my all time favorite beauty product in general. Then when you pair that with a long lasting formula, I’m hooked for life. I’m pretty sure I’m done with lipstick and will stick with LipSense from now on.

Check out my friend Becky’s Facebook group if you want to know more about LipSense.

There ya have it, my top 5 beauty products of all time.

What are some of your all time favorite beauty products?

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey everyone!!!

I just want to wish everyone a very happy thanksgiving.

I will be enjoying this day with family and friends.

I’m so thankful for my amazing husband, beautiful daughter and the rest of my family and friends. I’m also thankful for all of you who take time out of your lives to read my posts.

Thanks for reading my post!!

Review-OGX Kandee Johnson !!

Hey everyone,

Most beauty lovers know Kandee Johnson, she’s the sweet beauty guru who is absolutely amazing. Kandee is one of the very first beauty gurus I started watching and got me interested in makeup.

When Kandee came out with her collaboration with OGX, I was so excited. I’ve never used OGX hair care products, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I usually use really cheap hair products and it shows.

When I was in Walmart awhile ago, I saw a display for the shampoo and conditioner. After standing there smelling shampoo and conditioner for about 10 minutes, I decided on the candy gumdrop scent.

This is the description from the Walmart website-

• Helps hydrate strands with fruity gumdrop notes

• Vanilla sugar sprinkles leave tresses pleasantly scented

• Sulfate free surfactant

• Safe for color-treated hair

• Suitable for all hair types

  • The scent is amazing. It definitely smells like candy.
  • The shampoo and conditioner leave my normally dry hair, soft and manageable.
  • The scent lingers, so I can’t stop smelling my hair. I’m pretty sure I look crazy.

I’m definitely loving this shampoo and conditioner and want to continue using OGX products.

Have you tried the Kandee Johnson OGX collaboration?

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading my post!!

Motivation Monday-Weight Loss!!

Hey everyone,

My name is Amanda and I’m a carbaholic.. no seriously, I have a huge problem with carbs. I love them but my body hates them.

In September of last year, I had the Gastric Sleeve surgery. I lost 70 pounds and was feeling great. Then I let my emotions get the best of me and started to eat like crap again. I’ve gained about 20 pounds back. I’m so disappointed in myself. I feel like all my hard work was for nothing.

So, I’m getting back on track and kicking pizza and pop to the curb. Those are my biggest problems.

Starting today 11/20/2017. My goal is to lose 15 pounds by Christmas. I know I can do it!!!

I will check in every Monday to help keep me motivated.

What are some tips and tricks that have helped you lose weight?

Thanks for reading my post!!

Dollar Tree E.L.F. Haul 11/16/17!!!

Hey everyone,

You guys will not believe what I’ve found at the Dollar Tree?!?! E.l.f. Cosmetics and not just the $1 or $2 items but the ones that retail for $4 on their website. There’s lipstick, lip lacquer, mascara, brushes and so much more.

Here’s what I picked up!!!

Aqua Beauty Molten liquid eyeshadow in Brushed Copper.

This is such a pretty shade. It’s perfect to just throw on for a simple look. This is still on the e.l.f. Website for $4.

Lip Lacquer in Burgundy and Matte Lip color in Rich red.

The lip lacquer is more like a lipgloss than a lacquer. It’s currently on their website for $2

Matte lip color in rich red is a gorgeous classic red lip color. This one is currently on their website for $3.

Lock On Liner and Brow Cream in Medium Brown.

E.l.f. Blush in Coy

The Lock On Liner and Brow Cream is the perfect shade for my brows but this was the only shade that they had in stock. They weren’t lying when they said Lock On, I can’t get the swatch off my arm. This is currently on their website for $4.

E.l.f. blush in coy is a really pretty shimmering shade that would be perfect for every day wear. This one is currently $2 on their website.

If I were to buy all of these on the E.l.f. Website I would have spent $15. I saved $10 thanks to Dollar Tree. I love that store.

I’m hoping to do a future post doing a full face of e.l.f. products. So look for that coming up soon.

Thanks for reading my post!!

Dollar Tree Haul!!!11/13/17

Hey everyone,

Most of my friends and family know that I’m addicted to the Dollar Tree. They have so many cool things and everything is only a dollar, I feel like a millionaire walking into the store.

I mostly buy items for crafts and makeup. Especially when they have ELF products. This haul is almost all Christmas decorations or items for Christmas crafts.

We will start with the none Christmas stuff.

Socks!!! The whole family got some new socks. 3 pack for $1 is amazing, especially if you lose socks like we do.

Batteries because everything takes batteries and we are always running out of them and one of my crafts used batteries.

E.l.f. Liner and brow cream in medium brown. I’m always on the lookout for amazing brow products. We shall see if this is amazing or crappy.This product is still on the e.l.f. website and retails for $4, so it’s a steal for $1.

Next is Christmas stuff!!!!

This year I’m going for rustic Christmas decor and I thought these cute signs would be perfect.

Cinnamon pinecones are going to be turned into Christmas ornaments.

These candy canes will also be turned into a rustic Christmas ornaments.

I’m obsessed with burlap. It goes so good with my farmhouse decor and is perfect for our Christmas decorations. The clear bulbs are for another Christmas craft.

The sled ornament was just to cute to pass up. I might need a coup!e more of them. The led lights will be for a diy and the burlap i use to make cross frames.
That’s my Dollar Tree haul. I will do a post on all my Christmas diys.

Thank you for reading my post!!

Easy Everyday Glam Makeup

Hey everyone!!!

Being a stay at home mom to a sassy 2 1/2 year old can sometimes make it hard get your glam on. Not that you want to be glam everyday but it is nice once in awhile.

So, here is my easy everyday glam makeup!!

Step 1-

The easiest way to even out your skin tone is with a B.B. cream or tinted moisturizer.

Step 2-

Conceal don’t feel!!! All of us moms know concealer is what makes us look alive. I put this stuff everywhere, under eyes, around my nose and on my blemishes. Yep, 38 years old and I have more pimples now than when I was a teenager. Lol

Step 3-

Powder!! I always set my face with powder, especially when I’m using a B.B. cream. I feel that B.B. cream can rub off very easily and no one has time for that.

Step 4-

Blush!!! I love cream blushes. It gives your face a more youthful glow but be careful if you have large pores, it can make those stick out worse than a fake designer hand bag.

Step 5-

Highlight!!! My favorite part of face makeup is the highlighter. I want the astronauts to look down and see my glow. If using a cream highlighter be carful of the pores, they can end up looking like pot holes when you use to much cream highlight.

Step 6-

Brows!!! They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so frame those babies. My eyebrows are disappearing, I might need to put out a missing eyebrow alert. So, I need to fill mine in, if you have perfect eyebrows then you can skip this step and I hate you.

Step 7-

Eyeshadow!!! First make sure you prime your eyes, you don’t want your eyeshadow disappearing like my eyebrows.

I always start with my crease, I use a light to medium shade. Then I put a shimmery shade on my lids. The shimmery shade helps you look awake and gives it that glam look. Next is the outer V, I use a darker shade just in that area. It helps give your eyes more depth. Last but not least is the lower lash line. I always use the same shade from my crease and the dark shade.

Step 8-

Mascara!!! I’m a sucker for a good mascara and the Voluminous Lash Paradise is my holy grail. It makes my lashes fuller without drying them out and flaking.

Step 9-

Setting Spray!! As a busy mom we don’t have time to touch up our makeup, that’s why Setting Spray is very important. Simply spray your face and forget about it.

Step 10-

Lips!!! Lipstick is my favorite makeup product. I have recently been using LipSense. I love it!!! It literally lasts me all day and it doesn’t feel heavy or drying. This shade is Roseberry. No, I’m not a consultant but maybe one day I will take the plunge.

The final look!!!

This is the perfect look to wear while chasing your little ones around the house or the park. Why not make the other moms think you have so much time on your

There you have it, everyday glam look in only 10 easy steps. If I can do it anyone can do

Have a great day!!!