LipSense Review 💄

Hey everyone,

If you know me, then you know that lip products are my favorite makeup item. So when my friends started talking about LipSense, I just had to try it. I’m not a distributor but I do love the product.

What is LipSense- It is a long lasting lip color. It’s not a lipstick or a stain. It’s a completely different product that bonds with your lips on a molecular level.

What is in LipSense- LipSense is made from natural materials that are good for your skin. It’s made in the USA and contains no wax, lead, gluten, animal byproducts or GMO’s. It’s also vegan and cruelty free.

How long does it last- One application of LipSense can last 4-18 hours. One tube of LipSense can last up to 6 months if you were to use the same color everyday. One tube equals to 4 tubes of lipstick.

How do you apply LipSense-

I currently own 3 colors of LipSense. Starting from the top- Roseberry, Lexie Beary and Fly Girl. So far Roseberry is my favorite.

I suck at swatches and those are going to be on my arm all

When you first order LipSense you buy the starter kit. In the starter kit you receive the color of your choice, glossy lipgloss and oops remover. The starter kit costs $55. After you order the starter kit the lip color is $25 and lipglosses are $20.

If throughout the day your lips start to feel dry, just apply some of the lipgloss and the dry feeling will disappear.

I’ve really fallen in love with LipSense. I love that it’s long lasting, especially since I’m a busy mom and don’t have time to be worrying about my lipstick rubbing off on my daughter. I can literally kiss her all day and won’t see any of my LipSense on her face lol.

One thing I do need is more colors. They have over 70, so I shouldn’t have a hard time find more colors to love 💕< strong>My friend Becky is my LipSense “dealer”. She’s gorgeous, sweet and knows everything about LipSense and all the other amazing products from Sengence. Here is the link to her Facebook group< strong>Becky is always posting about new colors and products, plus she does some amazing giveaways. If you want to learn more about LipSense, please check out her group.< strong>I do have to say that this is not a sponsored post. Even though I wish it was lol< strong>Have you tried LipSense? What are your thoughts?< strong>Thanks your reading my post💕


Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink- Review

Hey everyone,

How’s everyone doing? If you’re in Michigan, I bet you have been While I have been trying to stay warm, I have also been trying out the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Lipstick.

I recently bought the shade in Lover. It’s a really pretty mid tone pink.

Maybelline’s website-


Ink your lips in up to 16 HR saturated liquid matte. SuperStay Matte Ink™ features a unique arrow applicator for precise application and is available in a range of super saturated shades.

I applied the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink at 9am. It was a little tacky for maybe a half an hour but after that it dried Matte.

The first hour or so it would transfer onto my cup but after that, I didn’t notice it transferring anymore. It stayed put really well.

Here it’s been 8 hours since I applied the liquid lipstick. Obviously my makeup doesn’t look very good but the liquid lipstick still looks good. You can see a little bit of wear on the center of my bottom lip but my lips are always really dry and I think that reflects that in this picture more than the liquid lipstick coming off.


I think that if this liquid lipstick lasted 16 hours it would look pretty rough. I do think that it’s long lasting and did an amazing job of not rubbing off when I ate or drank. I would definitely recommend this lipstick and will be purchasing more shades very soon.

What are your thoughts on Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink?

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Friday Favorite!! What could it be???

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. I’m doing pretty darn good, thanks for Anyways, I thought I would start a new series on my blog called Friday Favorite.. I know, very original.

Todays favorite product starts with the letter L.. can anyone one guess??? If you guessed L’Oréal Lip Paints then you are correct. You may also have noticed, I watch a lot of Sesame Street lol


I’m in love and I don’t care who knows. I have the shade Taupeless. I love these taupe and gray shades. There is something about them that really works on the lips.

From Ulta’s website-

Lacquer up lips in high-impact liquid color with L’Oreal’s Infallible Lip Paints. In one stroke, the designer applicator precisely diffuses vibrant, full-coverage color to lips for comfortable wear. Available in a variety of high-impact colors, from nude to bold.

Saturated with pigments
High color impact
Designer applicator

I would say that these details are pretty accurate. One thing I don’t like is that they are transferable and they don’t last that long on my lips but my lips are very dry, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t last long on me. With that being said, I do love the lip paints and will be purchasing more shades.

These retail for $9.99 and you can find them Here on Ulta’s website.

What is your current favorite product?

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Top 5 Favorite Red Lip Products 💄

Hey everyone,

As many of you know, lip products are my favorite. Out of all the lip products Red is my absolute favorite color. I feel like Snow White when I wear red lips. Since Friday is national lipstick day, I thought I would share my top 5 red lip products. I may do pinks …Continue reading
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L.A.Colors Matte Lipsticks 

Hey everyone!

This morning I decided to check out the makeup selection at our local Dollar General. They actually have some really good deals.

One thing I noticed was the large selection of L.A. Colors. I know you can buy this brand at the Dollar Tree but they had a bunch of new products. Since matte makeup is very popular, L.A. Colors came out with matte lipsticks and eye shadow palettes. 

I only picked up two of the matte lipsticks. They are only $1.50 and according to their website they come in 16 shades.

I picked up the shades Starlet and Tantalize.
Tantalize and Starlet with no flash
Tantalize and Starlet with flash

In my opinion, these look more like satin than matte but they are nicely pigmented. I haven’t tested them out yet to see how long wearing they are but for $1.50 if I have reapply them, I won’t be to upset.

Just by swatching them, I will definitely be going back for more and I want to pick up some of the matte eye shadow palettes that are also $1.50. I love affordable makeup!!

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Product Rave

One of my first blog posts was a haul from the Dollar Tree. In that haul I purchased a NYC Expert Last Lip Color in blue rose. I thought for only a buck why not try it out. Well, today I actually decided to wear it and see if this lipstick is any good.

This is when I first applied it at around 3:00pm 

 This is what it looks like at 7:30pm after eating dinner. 

Sorry for the scary lip

I was so surprised that this $1 lipstick from the Dollar Tree was still on my lips. I’m so impressed with the staying power of this lipstick that I’m going to run out and grab some more. 

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My Obsession!!

It’s no secret that I love makeup but what people don’t know is that I have a small obsession with lip products.

I love how lipstick can pull a look together or change the look completely. You can take a daytime look and change it to a nighttime look just by changing the lip color. 

My favorite colors are red and dark colors but I’m starting to get into nudes. I wear darker colors more because it’s my husbands favorite;)  The brands that I’m loving at the moment are NYX and ColourPop but I’m always up for trying new brands. 

One thing that I need is a new way to store my lip collection. This is not very convenient when I want to find a certain lipstick. 

What are some of your favorite lip brands? How do you store your lip products

Thanks for reading!!