The Flawless Four

Hey everyone,

As many of you know, I’m a Younique Presenter. I truly love this company and the products. Since starting Younique last August, I’ve been in love with the liquid foundation. It’s my favorite product that we sell. Out of every product that Younique sells, I recommend this the most.

This months customer Kudos is the flawless four.

Every time I wear makeup, I use this foundation and concealer. 

The foundation blurs imperfections and the concealer has enough power to cover a tattoo. This seriously packs a punch. 

The April Kudos contains-

  1. Mineral Liquid Touch Foundation 
  2. Mineral Touch Skin Perfecting Concealer
  3. Mineral Touch Glorious Face Primer
  4. Liquid Touch Foundation Brush

You get all four of these products for $99… saving you $39.

This is an amazing deal. If you have ever thought about trying out Younique, these are the products that I recommend you check out first. I don’t blog about Younique very often but this deal is way to good to pass up. 😊
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NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder-Review

Hey everyone,

I’m in love and I don’t care who I guess you can see how this review is going to go. Highlighting is so popular right now. If they can’t see your glow from space, you’re doing it wrong. 

A new trend in highlighting is duo chrome highlighters. Shades like purple, pink and blue are showing up more in collection. I’m loving this trend.

One of my new favorite highlighters are the NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powders. I currently own two, twilight tint and lavender steel. They come in five shades and retails for $7.99. 

Without flash 

With flash

Without flash 

With flash

After seeing how popular purple highlighters are I really wanted to purchase the lavender steel shade but when I got to the store twilight tint caught me eye. It’s gorgeous, especially if you’re pale like me.

After falling in love with twilight tint, I just had to purchase lavender steel. I like lavender steel but twilight tint is amazing. The lavender shade does work with my skin tone but it doesn’t pack as much glow as twilight does.

These go on smooth and last a long time. These are very buildable. You can go from a subtle glow to a blinding glow.

I recommend checking out this highlighter.

What is your favorite highlighter?

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Ditching The Conditioner

Hey everyone,

7 months ago I had gastric sleeve surgery. One of the side effects from Bariatric surgery is hair loss. I really thought I was going to go bald. It was so bad. The hair loss has finally slowed down… Yay!! 

One thing that has helped my hair look fuller and give it more body is getting rid of my hair conditioner. I noticed after I used conditioner, my hair was limp and stringy. I thought at first it was the conditioner that I was losing but after buying way to many conditioners to try, I realized it was just conditioner in general.

So I ditched the conditioner and replaced it with Moroccan oil. I don’t think I will ever be going back to conditioner. 

I have been using the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Argan Oil. After washing my hair, I towel dry it and then use just a small amount of the oil. I always let my hair air dry.

Since using the oil, my hair is shiny, soft, sleek and more manageable. I love it!!!!

The only downside is that if you use to much, your hair can look oily. Just use a very small amount and you will never have to worry about oily hair.

Here is my hair after using the oil. I wish I would have took a before picture of when I was using conditioner. 

What do you use on your hair for conditioner?

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My Favorite Makeup Remover

Hey everyone,

I love makeup but one thing I hate is removing all my makeup at the end of the day. So, I like to make it as fast and easy as possible.

My favorite makeup remover is Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser. This stuff has been around since 1846, so you know this is some amazing stuff.

Ponds Cold Cream contains 50% moisturizer, so it leaves your skin feeling soft.

My favorite thing about this cleanser is that you don’t have to wash it off. You just rub it all over your face and then wipe it off with a cloth. I do use a wet wash cloth to remove the cleanser but you don’t have to. 

Not only is this moisturizing and easy to use but it actually gets off all your makeup. Even the most stubborn mascara. Plus, it’s extremely affordable.

I highly recommend that everyone tries this at least once. 

Thank you for ready my post. What is your favorite way to remove your makeup?

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Wet n Wild Megaglo Makeup Stick- Concealer, Contour and Blush Review

Hey everyone,

Wow, that’s a long I have been loving all the new Wet n Wild cosmetics. Wet n Wild is so affordable and the quality is amazing.

Today I’m going to review the Wet n Wild Megaglo Makeup Stick Concealer, Contour and Blush. I like to think of these types of products as easy everyday makeup.

When you are in a hurry in the morning but still want to look fabulous, than these are for you. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry, I will use the concealer stick as a foundation…lol


  • Creamy and easy to blend
  • Gorgeous shades
  • Makes applying makeup fast and easy
  • Long lasting- I did those swatches and then washed the dishes and tried to scrub them off and they wouldn’t budge


  • Concealer is a little to creamy for under the eyes. It’s best to use to sharpen up your contour.
  • Concealer needs to be set with powder.

I love these Megaglo Makeup Sticks. I think these are perfect for people just starting out with makeup or busy Moms on the go. 

As always these are very affordable at $3.99. 

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Equate Beauty Wipe Away The Day-First Impression 

Hey everyone,

If you are like me, you like to save money. So when I heard that Walmart has a makeup remover cleansing balm that’s comparable to Clinique’s Take The Day Off cleansing balm, I just had to try it. I can’t compare it to the Clinique version since I’ve never tried it but I can let you know what I think about the Walmart version.

I have read many mixed reviews on this product. So for $5, I thought way not try it out for myself. Wipe Away The Day is a balm that melts into a oil cleanser.

I have only used it once, so this is a first impression. I used it last night to take off all my makeup and to cleanse my face. After I used Wipe Away The Day, I used a toner and moisturizer.

Here is my makeup from yesterday. I look human again because I’ve been

Here is a picture of me this morning, I haven’t washed my face or anything. No makeup ring under my eyes.. yay!!


  1. Took off all my makeup. I even used toner after and there was no makeup left on the cotton round.
  2. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth not oily like I thought it would.
  3. Very easy to use. Rub it on dry skin and then wipe it off with a warm washcloth.


  1. It says it doesn’t have a smell but it does smell like plastic. Which smells horrible.
  2. It says to avoid eye area, which sucks if you want to remove your eye makeup. I did use it on my eyes and it does put a oily film on your eyes that’s annoying.

I think this is a good product so far but I only used it once and who knows how my skin will react to repeated uses. For only $5 why not try it out and see if you like it. 

Thank you for reading my post.

Wet n Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder- Review 

Hey everyone,

Well, by now you all know my obsession with Wet n Wild. I can’t help it, it’s great quality and very affordable. 

Today I’m going to review the Wet n a Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder. 

Here is the description from the Wet n Wild website-

Your smartphone just met its makeup match. Pack this genius pressed powder in your bag for endlessly amazing photos every time. Light-diffusing pigments give your skin a veil of silky natural looking perfection in photos and IRL. Wear it alone, on bare skin or over Photo Focus foundation for a flawless finish. 
Sets makeup with an unbelievably soft, satin finish

Reduces shine throughout the day

Each shade covers a range of skin tones

I have the shade warm light. When I first looked at it, I thought it was going to be to dark since I’m very fair. 

It turned out to be the perfect shade, it brightens up my skin without it looking to crazy. It does come in 8 shades and each shade works for a couple different skin tones.

With my Younique business I take a lot of selfies and I haven’t had any problems with this powder. It makes my skin look flawless in photos. 

This powder is so soft and silky. This has been my favorite powder that I have used in a long time. Especially since I have aging skin and it doesn’t settle into my fine lines.

I highly recommend trying out this pressed powder, it’s only $4.99 but worth so much more.

What is your favorite pressed powder?

Thank you so much for reading my post.