Stay at Home Mom- 5 ways I Take Time for Myself!!!

Hey everyone,

I’m truly blessed to have an amazing hard working husband. Jim works two jobs so I’m able to stay at home with our daughter. I would be lost without him, that’s for sure.

I’m a Mom to a 2 1/2 years old girl named Mattie. Mattie is smart, beautiful and caring. Mattie is also rambunctious, precocious and a typical toddler. I love her more than anything in this whole world but some days I just want to pull my hair out…lol

Being a stay at home mom means, you don’t get a break from your job. You wake up and go straight to work. Not only are you trying to keep a small child alive but you also do housework. When I do housework, I feel like I have a mini drill sergeant yelling at me the whole time. All I hear is, Mom what are you doing, Mom can I watch Mickey Mouse, Mom can I have a snack, Mom are you cleaning again. Believe me, some days it takes a lot to stay sane.

Taking time out for yourself is very important, not just for yourself but for your child. Here are my top 5 ways that I take time out for myself.

Top 5 Ways I Take Time for Myself-

  • Hide!!! I know it sounds horrible to hide from your child but you really can never hide. I literally have to run to the bathroom, if I want 5 minutes to myself. During those 5 minutes, I have little hands reaching under the door asking me if I’m pooping, if I wiped and saying Mommy I miss you so much.
  • Taking a shower or a bath. Before becoming a mom, showering was something I did out of necessity. Now it’s become a luxury. Early in the morning, it helps me relax before my day starts and at night it helps me unwind after a crazy day. I recommend some aromatherapy while bathing or showering.
  • Arts and crafts- I love doing crafts and this is something that I can do with my daughter. I love being able to create something out of nothing. This definitely helps with any anxiety that I may be having that day.
  • Talking to For most of my day, I talk to my toddler. We mostly talk about cartoons, toys and poop. Seriously, she talks about poop way to much. So it’s nice to have friends that are moms. They know what you are going through and can reassure you that you’re not crazy. I have some amazing Mom friends who I definitely admire and would be lost without.
  • Direct sales business- This might not be for everyone but having a small direct sales business on the side helps me connect with people. Plus, it lets me contribute financially even though it might be a small amount. I like being my own boss, I don’t have a two year old telling me what to

There are my top 5 ways I take time out for myself. These definitely help me stay sane, even on the craziest of days.

What are ways that you take time for yourself?

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey everyone!!!

I just want to wish everyone a very happy thanksgiving.

I will be enjoying this day with family and friends.

I’m so thankful for my amazing husband, beautiful daughter and the rest of my family and friends. I’m also thankful for all of you who take time out of your lives to read my posts.

Thanks for reading my post!!

Simply Amanda

Hey everyone,

Amanda Spencer Beauty is now Simply Amanda. I have evolved over the past year and I feel that my blog needs to evolve also.

You will still find the same fun beauty post but I will also be writing about family, life, crafts, food and maybe even style if I ever get out of my yoga

So, I can’t wait to start writing about stuff that I really care about and I hope you all stick around to read it.

Thank you!!


I’m Back!!

Hey everyone,

Wow!!! I haven’t made a post since April. Crazy!!!

Where have I been?

Mostly at home being a wife and mother. My daughter is 2 1/2 now and is getting so big and

I also have been doing crafts and selling stuff in my Etsy shop. I love creating new things.

I can’t wait to jump in and start blogging about makeup and skincare. I might also throw do crafts and mommy stuff in there too. I might even change the name of my blog. You never know.. lol

Happy birthday Mattie!!

Today is my baby girls first birthday. Mattie was born two months premature due to me having preeclampsia. I was in the hospital forever not knowing when I would deliver. But on March 31st my blood pressure got so high that we had to have an emergency c-section. At 11:56am Mattie Elizabeth came into this world at 3 pounds screaming so loud, I couldn’t believe that was my little preemie. 

Because I was so sick I had to be put back on magnesium, which is horrible. When on magnesium you can’t get out of bed, which meant I couldn’t see my daughter because she was in the NICU. My husband was so sweet and sent me pictures and FaceTime with me.

Here is the first picture of my little Mattie.

Mattie ended up staying in the hospital for 60 days, it was so hard to be away from her but the Doctors and nurses took wonderful care of Mattie. 

On Mother’s Day 2015 we were finally able to take her home. It’s been so amazing to see this little girl grow and learn.  

 Mattie is our little fighter. She’s so smart that sometimes I forget that she’s two months behind.

We know in our hearts that Mattie wouldn’t be here without her guardian angel Riley.

Happy birthday to the sweetest, kindest, strongest and smartest little girl I have ever met.