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L.A. Colors-I Heart Makeup Contour Palette Review

Hey everyone!!!

Here is another review on a makeup product that has a very long name. I think makeup should have a two or less word name…lol. I sound like I’m 90. Back in my day we didn’t have all these fancy five word makeup products. We had blush, lipstick, mascara and if we were lucky my mom would let me use flour on my face as Obviously I didn’t take my meds this
Alrighty, on to the review-

Description from the L.A. Colors Website-




Sculpt and define facial features with eight blendable shades. I heart makeup – contour palettes provides the ability to contour with darker shades for creating shadows and lighter shades for creating sculpted highlights. Each palette has a shimmery highlight for glowing skin. Available in two collections. Complete with contour tutorial on back of palette.

I purchased this palette in the shade light/medium. It also comes in the shade medium/deep. It retails for $5.99.

My Thoughts- This is a great beginners contour palette. It blends very well and it’s so easy to apply. The shade range is very good and you can do your whole face just with this one palette, except for blush. 

The other day I used this palette to set my foundation, set my under eye concealer, contour and highlight. Now if only this palette could make me look like J.Lo, it would be a holy grail

But seriously, this is a wonderful palette for only $5.99. I really have nothing bad to say about it and my favorite thing about this palette is that there is a slightly yellow shade that I used to set my under eyes and it did an amazing job of keeping my concealer where is needed to be and also brightening. Which if you knew how dark my under eyes are, you would all be running to buy this

What is your favorite contour palette?

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DIY Makeup Brush Holder or Flower Vase

Hey everyone!!

I’m really into DIY projects. I’ve recently got into chalk painting and redid our end table in the living room. 

Here is a before and after or and after and  I love chalk paint it’s so easy to use and a little goes a long way.

This DIY has nothing to do with chalk paint and everything to do with pretty makeup brush holders and vases. I’m getting ready to make a little makeup area in my house and I wanted to decorate it and not spend so much money.

Here is what I came up with-

I know you see these all over Pinterest and they are so easy to make and very affordable.

Here’s what you need-

  1. Glass jars of any size
  2. Spray paint- I used rose gold
  3. Ribbon
  4. Fake flowers 
  5. To make a makeup brush holder, just pop in some brushes.

I took a box and put in a paint liner because I didn’t want to make a mess but I think it’s better to not spray paint in the box because you can easily miss spots.

Here is what they look like after one coat of spray paint. 

Here is what they look like after. I didn’t do the greatest job spray painting, so I like to call these shabby

After they dried, I wrapped this pretty ribbon around the top of the jar and tied a pretty bow. Then I added fake flowers from the dollar store.

If you want to use it as a brush holder, you can add this decorative filler to make the brushes stand up. 

Here it is sitting on my end table next to my Whoot warmer from Scentsy.
If anyone has any DIY decor ideas, please send me a picture on Twitter.

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Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream Review

Hey everyone!!

I recently picked up the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream on clearance at Big Lots. It was marked down to $2.50. I’ve been wanting a bb cream for a while now and when I saw the price, I knew this was the bb cream for me.

While searching online for a picture to use (I’m sick and don’t feel like taking a picture of the actual product. Even though taking the pictures are one of my favorite parts of blogging ) I couldn’t find one on the Olay website. I finally found a picture on Amazon but the product is unavailable. So I’m not sure if they are discontinuing  this product. Which is sad because this is the first bb cream that I actually like.

On to the review-

From Amazon

Thoughts-  This is actually the first bb cream that I’ve liked, I think in the past I wanted something with more coverage and with the bb cream it’s just a tinted moisturizer and doesn’t give very much coverage. Since I’m older now and have a family, the amount of time that I spend on my makeup has been cut in half, so using a bb cream is a wonderful option. I really like this bb cream.


  1. Fast and easy to apply
  2. Great smell
  3. SPF 15
  4. Light weight 
  5. Great coverage for a bb cream
  6. It made my skin look amazing.


  1. Feels kinda slimey when I start sweating.
  2. Ended up having to powder my forehead
  3. May be discontinued 

I got so many compliments on my skin when I was wearing this bb cream. It didn’t cover all my flaws but it did blur out the redness and acne scars. I will definitely be wearing this for the rest of the summer.What is your favorite bb cream?

wearing the Olay Fresh Effects bb cream

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Minimal Makeup and Trying New Products 

Hey everyone!!!

Today I thought since I’m not doing anything except bumming around the house and waiting for our new furniture to be delivered. Yay!! New furniture!!! Anyways, I thought I would try and do a minimal makeup look and try out some new products that I bought.

Here’s the look!!!!

Here is the list in order of use-

  1. Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream in fair to light- This is one of the new products I’m trying out. It’s been out forever but it’s new to me, so we shall see.
  2. Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit
  3. Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Eyeshadow Palette 
  4. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light but it’s to dark for me.
  5. L.A. Colors- I Heart Makeup Contour Palette- I used this to set my face and under my eyes. I also used this to contour. This is also another new product that I’m trying out and will have a review on this soon.
  6. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer- highlighted brow bone, inner corner of my eyes and cheek bones
  7. Maybelline The Falsies Flared mascara in blackest black
  8. Wet n Wild Back to School Collection Lipgloss in Lilac Theater
  9. Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar in Spice

I actually really like this look and will probably wear it again. I also liked not having to use so many different makeup products to complete this look. That’s the good thing about palettes.

When doing a minimal makeup look, what is your number one must have product?

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Pink is My Favorite Color!!

Hey everyone!!

So as the title says pink is my favorite color. I’m a very girly girl and if I could have everything pink, I would. I don’t because, I have a husband and pink is not his favorite color…lol

I love using pink in my makeup routine but I don’t want to over do it and look like a hot mess. 

You don’t want to end up looking like this-

This is the look I put together to show how I incorporated pink into my makeup routine.

When I do a dark eye I like to use bright pink blush and lipstick. I love bright pink lips. Next to red lips pink is my favorite.

For my eyes I used-

  1. Wet n wild Centerstage Collection in Desert Festival. 
  2. Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Palette 
  3. Maybelline The Falsies Flared
  4. L’Oreal Voluminous Original 
  5. Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights

For my face I used-

  1. NYX Photo Loving Primer
  2. Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation in Classic Ivory 
  3. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light
  4. Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette. I used the brightest pink in the palette.
  5. theBalms Mary-Lou Manizer
  6. Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in Ivory 
  7. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Fair
  8. Wet n Wild Photo Finish Setting Spray

For my brows-

  1. Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit in Medium Dark

The Star of the Show…. My Lips

  1. NYX Butter Lipstick in Razzle

I love this lipstick!!! It’s such a beautiful bright pink.

This is how I incorporated pink into my makeup. How do you incorporate pink into your routine?

If you want to learn more about the beautiful color that is pink, check out Glossier’s Beauty Page.  Pink is their favorite color too!!

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Wet n Wild-Back to School Collection-Lipgloss Review

Hey everyone!!

As you all know, I have a crazy obsession for Wet n Wild. I don’t think they need a restraining order yet but you never know. 

I recently hauled some lipglosses from their limited edition back to school collection and as you can see the packaging is so cute. I love it!!

The shades are Violet in furs, Lilac theater and Jackie a la mode.

Without Flash
With Flash

The dark purple color is a sheer lipgloss and the other two colors are more of a creamy lipgloss that’s more opaque than the dark purple.

I like the dark purple but I love the other two colors more. They seems to stay on the lips longer and stand out more and if there is one thing I love, it’s standing 

They all have the same amount of stickiness as most lipgloss. I hate when you get a really sticky lipgloss and your hair gets stuck to it, isn’t that the worst. Yuck!!

But as always, I really do like these lipglosses. I’m sure one day Wet n Wild will come out with something I don’t like. I haven’t tried their mascara yet, so I probably hate

What is your favorite lipgloss?

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