Fun and Affordable Makeup Haul!!

Hey everyone!!

So, as you probably know I had a birthday recently. Part of my birthday present from my husband was picking out some makeup from Dollar General. Dollar General has affordable makeup like Wet n Wild and L.A.Colors, which is what I picked up. I love affordable makeup!!

Let’s get down to business-

Let’s start with L.A. Colors-

  1. Day to Night palette in Sunset. I have used this palette and it’s so pigmented for only $1.50
  2. Grafix Eyeliner in Purple. I’m not a big fan of this eyeliner just from the swatch that I did but I still have to try it out on my eyes.
  3. Matte lipstick in Entice. I love their matte lipsticks.
  4. High Shine Shea Butter Gloss in Dynamite. This is so pigmented and gorgeous 

Wet n Wild-

  1. Matte lipstick in Stoplight Red. I love red lipstick!!

Kylie sinful shine nail polish in Kreme De La Kreme. This nail polish is gorgeous.
There you have it, one of my hauls from my birthday. I will have a Makeup Revolution haul coming up soon.

What new makeup did you recently purchase?

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