*New*  From Stash to Trash- July 2016

Hey everyone!!

So this is my second month doing from stash to trash. The first month was really hard. This month, I chose some easier makeup products to use up. I do need to free up some space in my makeup drawer because I got a ton of new makeup for my birthday.

Let’s see what I’m getting rid of-

A lot of these are just samples that my friend gave me or from a couple of my beauty boxes.

I used to sell Avon and this was one of my favorite eyebrow products. I’m going to be sad to see this one go but I have a ton of eyebrow products. 

When I first tried this I absolutely loved it but I felt that it just stopped working after a while. 

This has lasted me forever. I love this concealer. It covers my dark circles, amazingly. I will be sad to see this go.

I haven’t used this in so long, I might just throw this right in the trash. Lol

There ya go, that’s all the products that I’m going to use and then toss. I’m sure if I wasn’t doing this blog series, I would keep these forever..lol. I’m a huge makeup hoarder!!!

What is one product that you have never been able to get rid of?

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22 thoughts on “*New*  From Stash to Trash- July 2016

  1. I have a luminous Blue lipstick… Had it years and never worn it, I mean when is it suitable to go luminous AND blue!? but i’m adamant that one day, just maybe, I’ll need it!
    As always loving the blog 🙂

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