L.A. Colors-I Heart Makeup Contour Palette Review

Hey everyone!!!

Here is another review on a makeup product that has a very long name. I think makeup should have a two or less word name…lol. I sound like I’m 90. Back in my day we didn’t have all these fancy five word makeup products. We had blush, lipstick, mascara and if we were lucky my mom would let me use flour on my face as powder..lol. Obviously I didn’t take my meds this morning..lol
Alrighty, on to the review-

Description from the L.A. Colors Website-




Sculpt and define facial features with eight blendable shades. I heart makeup – contour palettes provides the ability to contour with darker shades for creating shadows and lighter shades for creating sculpted highlights. Each palette has a shimmery highlight for glowing skin. Available in two collections. Complete with contour tutorial on back of palette.

I purchased this palette in the shade light/medium. It also comes in the shade medium/deep. It retails for $5.99.

My Thoughts- This is a great beginners contour palette. It blends very well and it’s so easy to apply. The shade range is very good and you can do your whole face just with this one palette, except for blush. 

The other day I used this palette to set my foundation, set my under eye concealer, contour and highlight. Now if only this palette could make me look like J.Lo, it would be a holy grail product..lol

But seriously, this is a wonderful palette for only $5.99. I really have nothing bad to say about it and my favorite thing about this palette is that there is a slightly yellow shade that I used to set my under eyes and it did an amazing job of keeping my concealer where is needed to be and also brightening. Which if you knew how dark my under eyes are, you would all be running to buy this palette..lol

What is your favorite contour palette?

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