Beauty Basics-Primer

Hey everyone!! I decided to start a series on beauty basics. I love playing around with makeup but sometimes I, like a lot of people forget or don’t understand the basics of makeup. I’m not a professional by any stretch of the imagination. I just love makeup.

Today we are going to start with primer.

Why use primers- There are primers for the face, eyes and even lips. Primers help your makeup last longer and look amazing.

Face- Primers for your face helps the foundation last longer and fills in lines, wrinkles and pores to give you a smooth canvas to apply your makeup. Some primers even help with oily skin to help reduce shine.

Eye Shadow- Eye shadow primers make your eye shadow more vibrant, helps stop eye shadow from creasing and keeps it from budging all day.

Lips- Lip primers help keep lipstick from feathering into small lines around the mouth.

First you need to find the primer that’s best for your skin type. 

  • Pore minimizing primer- helps reduce the appearance of pores.
  • Mattifying primer- helps to control oil for a matte finish.
  • Brightening primer- gives the skin a healthy glow
  • Smoothing primer- helps create a smooth base to apply foundation.

There are so many primers on the market, everything from drug store to high end. 

High end primers have more options and I feel they use better ingredients that helps your makeup last longer.  Tarte has amazing primers.

 Drug store primers have come a long way in the past couple of years. L’OREAL and NYX have some the best primers. I personally use the NYX Photo-Loving primer and I love it. Some people even use Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer.  

   From the Ulta website.
How to apply primers- 

  • Always moisturize before applying face primers. This will help eliminate dry patches and will make the primers go on even.
  • Start from the middle of your face and work the primer out. Try avoiding the eye area. 
  • A little primers goes a long way. You want a light coverage not heavy.
  • I use my clean finger tips to blend the primers out but you can also use a sponge.
  • After applying wait a couple minutes for the primer to set before applying foundation.

Eye shadow Primer-

  • Use a thin layer on your eye lid all the way up to your eye brows. Place in the corner of your eye and on your lower lid if you will be placing eye shadow there.

Lip primer-

  • Remember to exfoliate your lips to remove and dry skin.
  • Apply a thin layer of lip primer to clean dry lips.
  • In my opinion, exfoliating and lip balm work just as well as pricy lip primers.

After you apply your primer, you are all set to create whatever beautiful makeup look you would like without having to worry about it disappearing throughout the day.

What are your favorite primers?

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