Ditching The Conditioner

Hey everyone,

7 months ago I had gastric sleeve surgery. One of the side effects from Bariatric surgery is hair loss. I really thought I was going to go bald. It was so bad. The hair loss has finally slowed down… Yay!! 

One thing that has helped my hair look fuller and give it more body is getting rid of my hair conditioner. I noticed after I used conditioner, my hair was limp and stringy. I thought at first it was the conditioner that I was losing but after buying way to many conditioners to try, I realized it was just conditioner in general.

So I ditched the conditioner and replaced it with Moroccan oil. I don’t think I will ever be going back to conditioner. 

I have been using the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Argan Oil. After washing my hair, I towel dry it and then use just a small amount of the oil. I always let my hair air dry.

Since using the oil, my hair is shiny, soft, sleek and more manageable. I love it!!!!

The only downside is that if you use to much, your hair can look oily. Just use a very small amount and you will never have to worry about oily hair.

Here is my hair after using the oil. I wish I would have took a before picture of when I was using conditioner. 

What do you use on your hair for conditioner?

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