Birthday Weekend!!!

Hey everyone!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was amazing. This has been my favorite birthday in a long time. I got to spend it with family and friends. 

Here are some highlights of my weekend.

Saturday- I turned 37 and my wonderful friend Caroline took me out to lunch and to Ulta for some shopping. I got a bunch of goodies.

Sunday- My Dad made me my favorite breakfast and then we had my parents and in-laws over for pizza and my in-laws bought me an ice cream cake, which is my favorite. After they left, we went up to Port Huron and watched all the boats on the water and waved to all our friends in Canada. 

Monday(Independence Day)- We didn’t do anything, really. We made some hamburgers on the grill and watched movies and spent time as a family. Then we took a small trip to Ulta and I spent the gift card that my Sister gave me for my birthday. Yay!! More makeup

This has been such an amazing and relaxing weekend. I’m so sad my husband had to go back to work today and I’m off to a couple appointments. Back to reality.

What did you do this weekend?

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