Wet n Wild-Back to School Collection-Lipgloss Review

Hey everyone!!

As you all know, I have a crazy obsession for Wet n Wild. I don’t think they need a restraining order yet but you never know. 

I recently hauled some lipglosses from their limited edition back to school collection and as you can see the packaging is so cute. I love it!!

The shades are Violet in furs, Lilac theater and Jackie a la mode.

Without Flash
With Flash

The dark purple color is a sheer lipgloss and the other two colors are more of a creamy lipgloss that’s more opaque than the dark purple.

I like the dark purple but I love the other two colors more. They seems to stay on the lips longer and stand out more and if there is one thing I love, it’s standing out..lol. 

They all have the same amount of stickiness as most lipgloss. I hate when you get a really sticky lipgloss and your hair gets stuck to it, isn’t that the worst. Yuck!!

But as always, I really do like these lipglosses. I’m sure one day Wet n Wild will come out with something I don’t like. I haven’t tried their mascara yet, so I probably hate those..lol

What is your favorite lipgloss?

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