Birthday Makeup Wish List

Hey everyone!!

My birthday is coming up in about two weeks. It’s not a milestone birthday but I’m starting to get depressed about getting old. 

I’m a lot older than everyone thinks. If you want to comment down below how old you think I’m going to be, it will be fun to see how old everyone thinks I am. Lol

On to my makeup wish list!!!

  1. Since I’m getting older, I really need to start focusing more on skin care than on makeup.  I heard these are really good and they are so affordable. 
  2. I’ve heard great reviews about this mascara and it’s only $4.99. 
  3. I love foundations that make my skin glow and I really want to try this out.
  4. This makeup palette from Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals looks amazing. I love all the colors and it’s so affordable.
  5. I’ve always wanted to try a spray primer and for only $10, this one is worth trying. This year all I want is good affordable makeup.

  6. I also want to get some face masks from Perfectly Posh. I have been trying them out and I love them. Cackle Spackle makes my face feel amazing.

Wow, that’s about all I want for beauty products. My husband already gave me one of my presents and told me what the other present he got me. I’m so excited. I will do a birthday haul after my birthday. 

Thanks for reading me post.

All pictures are from the Target and Ulta website.


26 thoughts on “Birthday Makeup Wish List

  1. Birthdays can be tough. I had a really hard time when I turned 30, but every birthday since has gotten easier. I’m 35 now and I try to think of turning older as a good thing. I’m older, wiser, more experienced, etc. And it does feel like I’m taken a bit more seriously the older I get. Do you feel like that too?
    Happy Birthday! Anyway, you look great so who cares what age you are?

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    • Thank you!! I’m going to be 37 and the closer I get to 40, the more depressed I A lot of people think I’m younger than I am, so I don’t always get taken very seriously. I wish I did, that would be nice.

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