Lipstick Addict-LOTD #13

Hey everyone,

Alrighty, we are on lucky number 13. I’m not sure if this lip product is lucky or not.

Let’s find out the mystery lip product!!!

Any guesses????? Nope, I didn’t think

Wet n Wild Vicious Varnish High Shine Lip Stain in Ball in Vienna

Sooo, I’m not sure about this “Varnish” that’s a lip stain. It’s very creamy and doesn’t give the impression of a stain. So I thought if I wiped it off it would leave a stain.

This is my highly scientific results-

It does give a slight,”just ate a red Popsicle” kinda look. But not enough to call it a stain, in my opinion.

The formula when you put it on is very very sticky and when you wipe it off it still has a tacky feeling and no one wants to feel

I give this a giant thumbs down!! The only thing good about this products is that I only wasted a buck on it from the Dollar Tree. They can’t all be winners.

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