Birthday Wish List – Non Beauty

Hey everyone!!

I have a birthday coming up next month. So, I thought I would throw this wish list out there, in case my Husband or Mom were to possibly read this post or if anyone wants to buy me any of these things, don’t hesitate.. Haha!! Just kidding!!

Let’s get down to business-

I’m on a huge journey with my health and I would love a new Fitbit. The one I have is the old one with the little lights. I hate having to look at my phone every time I want to know how many steps I take. The Alta is perfect. 

Since I have been blogging, I have been wanting a new laptop and I have never owned a Mac before and I think the MacBook Air would be perfect for what I want to use it for but it’s pretty pricey, so it’s on my, you wish

Next are shoes… I used to have an addiction to shoes and then I got bunions. That ruined that But now my feet are better, I’m starting to like shoes more. Right now my favs are Sketchers. These are so comfortable. I already own a pair but I want to start walking more, so I’m pretty positive I will need at least 3 other pairs, just for back up..My Husband will believe that,right? Lol

We have been redoing our living room and this mirror that I found on Amazon would look amazing over our Tv. 

Last but not least is a beauty related item but I’m going to put this with the non beauty and the beauty wish list because, I really want it.

This perfume smells like heaven in a bottle. It’s pretty expensive but I think I’m worth it.

That’s the end of my non beauty birthday wish list. I don’t need anything for my birthday. I have everything that I will ever need but it’s fun to wish a little.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


27 thoughts on “ Birthday Wish List – Non Beauty

  1. Well my daughter!
    I have a birthday this month and I too would like a Fitbit that shows the data on it. I too would Love fancy perfume. So that’s my birthday wish list!!!😘

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