Wet n Wild Haul Part 2

Hey everyone!!

As you all know, I recently picked up some of the limited edition Wet n Wild summer collection. I kinda decided I wanted the whole collection. Since Rite Aide has Wet n Wild 40% off, I thought why the heck not. I think I have everything from the collection, except the liquid eyeliners and the nail polish.

Yay!! I’m so excited to show you all the goodies.

I thought there was only five in the metallic liquid lipstick collection but there are actually six. These are peony express, chrysanthemums’s the word and my tulips are sealed. These have the cutest names.

These megaglo multi-sticks can be used on your eyes, lips, face and body. I love makeup products that can be used different ways. The shades are marigold round, light up my hibiscus and carnational anthem. I can’t wait to play with these.

I love a good highlighting power, so I hope these are good…lol. The shades are where the dreamers go, sun ceremony and desert exploration. 

I picked up one of these in my last haul. These colors are not what I would normally gravitate towards but I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone. Who knows, I might even like these shadows. The shade is to in-di-o a go go. 

One thing that I like about these collections is the names are so cute. I will be doing a makeup look using these new limited edition products. Please pray that I don’t end up looking a clown or a hooker from the 70’s..lol

Thanks so much for reading my post and stay to for the makeup look using Wet n Wild cosmetics. Don’t forget to follow!!!


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