Hauling It!!!

Hey everyone!!

If there is one thing I love it’s inexpensive makeup. Recently I picked up some L.A. Colors Matte Lipsticks that were only $1.50 and I fell in love with them. So, needless to say I had to go back and pick up some more L.A. Colors cosmetics to try out.

Of course I had to pick up another Matte Lipstick in the shade Mad Love.

Then I saw these beauties and thought for only $2, why not try these out. The top shade is Lavish and the bottom shade is Dollface and I’m no expert but Dollface looks like it could be a dupe for one of Kylie’s lip glosses but I don’t own any to compare it to. 
I recently saw a eye look done with these two palettes and it was beautiful. So, I thought I would grab these and see if I could recreate the look. These were only $1.50 a piece. Even if the look turns out like crap, it’s still a good deal. The top palette is called Black Lace and the bottom palette is called Natural Linen 
I purchased all of the above at Dollar General for $10. 

I also stopped at the Dollar Tree and look what I found….

Wet n Wild makeup brushes for only $1!!! I seriously just bought 2 Wet n Wild brushes at Walmart for $2.99 each. Run don’t walk to the Dollar Tree and snatch some of these up before these are sold out.

I love when I find good deals on makeup. My husband likes it too..lol  I will have reviews on these products soon.

Has anyone tried the eyeshadow palettes for L.A. Colors?

Thanks for reading my post.



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