L.A.Colors Matte Lipsticks 

Hey everyone!

This morning I decided to check out the makeup selection at our local Dollar General. They actually have some really good deals.

One thing I noticed was the large selection of L.A. Colors. I know you can buy this brand at the Dollar Tree but they had a bunch of new products. Since matte makeup is very popular, L.A. Colors came out with matte lipsticks and eye shadow palettes. 

I only picked up two of the matte lipsticks. They are only $1.50 and according to their website they come in 16 shades.

I picked up the shades Starlet and Tantalize.
Tantalize and Starlet with no flash
Tantalize and Starlet with flash

In my opinion, these look more like satin than matte but they are nicely pigmented. I haven’t tested them out yet to see how long wearing they are but for $1.50 if I have reapply them, I won’t be to upset.

Just by swatching them, I will definitely be going back for more and I want to pick up some of the matte eye shadow palettes that are also $1.50. I love affordable makeup!!

Thanks for reading my post. 


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