Essence-I 💜 Extreme Volume Mascara

Hey everyone!!

I recently picked up a bunch of Essence products at Target. I only have a couple more items to review. One being the I heart extreme volume mascara.

From the Essence website-

this volume mascara is just right for those who love to go to extremes! it contains ultra-black pigments that intensively cover each individual lash with color. an extra large brush ensures fantastic volume in overwhelming dimensions – a combination that’s ideal for the perfect “i love look”! opthalmologically teste

This is a nice mascara if you’re looking for a very basic mascara. I didn’t notice any volume in my lashes, let alone extreme volume. With that being said, it still made my eyelashes look long and separated. 

One bad thing is that I’m used to my Maybelline the falsies mascara which gives me crazy volume. I was really wishing that this would give me the same great volume. The brush looked very promising but didn’t do the job.

This is horrible picture but it’s the best one I could take.
Final Thoughts- This isn’t the worst mascara that I have ever used but it’s not the best either. I think if you are looking for a everyday mascara, this would be perfect but if you want a mascara to make your eyelashes pop, try Maybelline the falsies. 

Thanks for reading my post.


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