Beauty Basics-Foundation 

Hey everyone!

Here’s the second edition in the beauty basics series. Yay!!!

Most people know what foundation is and how and why we use it but for the makeup beginner it can be frustrating trying to find the correct shade and formula that works for your skin. Just so you know, it’s still frustrating and I’ve been using makeup forever. Just thinking about it makes me feel  The key for foundation is trial and error. It sucks but when you find a good one stick with it. We all are looking for our holy grail foundation.

When starting out I recommend using drug store foundation. They are actually really good and not as expensive as the high end. 

All I use are drug store foundations. I love them because I can always try new ones without breaking the bank. Here are my favorites.

Photos from the Target website  
 I just started using this foundation, it gives a beautiful Matte finish that’s medium to full coverage. Matte finishes are good if you have oily skin.

  This is also perfect If you have oily skin. It’s demi-matte so it’s not completely matte but it’s oil free, so it will work for oily skin.
  This is my all time favorite drug store foundation. It’s not matte and it’s not dewy. It’s the perfect formula for my skin.

Things to think about-

  • What type of skin do you have? If you have oily skin you probably don’t want a dewy foundation.
  • What type of coverage do you want? If you have a lot of redness, you may want a full coverage foundation.
  • Primer is very important. Primer helps smooth out your face so the foundation goes on smooth and lasts. Primer can also help with redness, oily skin and help your skin look more radiant.
  • Read the bottle. A lot of time foundations will say if they what type of coverage you can expect.
  • This I think is the most important thing to remember!! What works for one person may not work for you. We all have different skin types, just because your best friend raves about a foundation doesn’t always mean it’s going to look the same on you.
  • Last but not least. Most drug stores will let you return makeup. Which is amazing because you don’t want to be stuck with a ton of foundation that you can’t use.

I hope this helps when picking out a foundation. If you have any questions or have anymore tips, please let me know.

Thank you for reading my post. Don’t forget to follow for more fun beauty basics.



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