Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation 

Hey everyone!! So I recently picked up some Essence cosmetics at Target. Usually I would wait a little bit longer before I do a review on something I just hauled but this foundation is amazing and I knew that after the first time I used it. Plus it’s only $4.99. Yay!!!

 Here is a before picture  

Here is the after with the foundation  

I have the NYX Photo-Loving Primer on underneath.

This foundation makes my skin look amazing and it lasts all day. I also tried it without the primer and it still held up really well. I didn’t notice it breaking down or oxidizing. Which are two of my biggest turn offs.

One thing that I think makes this really good is that it gives the skin a soft focus look that helps blur out any imperfections. It’s a medium to full coverage and it was more of a full coverage on me. Usually when a foundation is full coverage, it feels heavy on my skin but this felt light weight.

 Here is the final look without any filters.

I will definitely be repurchasing this foundation. I have been looking for a holy grail foundation and I think I found it. 

Just remember, what works on my skin may not work on yours. That’s one thing I always try to remember when reading reviews.

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?

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