Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash Review 

Hey everyone, in my recent Walmart Beauty Box I received the Dove Dry Oil Moisture body wash. I was really excited because I’ve been looking for a new body wash.

  From the Walmart website 

I love Dove body wash because it doesn’t dry out your skin. It leaves it feeling soft and smooth. 

This Dove body wash is a little different. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It smelled like a household cleaning product. I was grossed out by the smell, I almost didn’t use it, but decided that I should at least try it. 

When I poured it on my pouf it didn’t get that sudsy but usually body washed with Moisturizers in them don’t suds up as much as regular body washes. As long as it does the job, I don’t care about the suds.

After washing, I did notice my skin was softer but I just couldn’t get past the smell. I even thought that maybe my sample of body wash was bad. 

The formula is great but the smell is to much for me. I won’t be purchasing a full size but I do love Dove brand body washes.

Did anyone else notice the smell was a little off or was it just me? 

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