Weight Loss Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!!

Since I have had some health issues, I’ve decided not to weigh myself for a little bit. I’m just going to continue to try to eat healthy. I’m going to measure myself by how I’m feeling and how my clothes fit. I think this way may work better for me, because when I weigh myself and I see that I gained a pound I get so discouraged. This way I’m not worried about what the number on the scale says but how good I’m feeling and how well my clothes fit.

I’m still going to do weight loss Wednesday and tell you how I’m feeling and what I’ve been eating. I’m also going to set challenges for each week and let you know if I actually reached my goal.

My first challenge is to not drink pop for one week. Instead I’m going to drink water and tea. I drink way to much pop and I really need to cut this out of my diet. I will let you know next Wednesday how my challenge played out.

What are some challenges that you give yourself?

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