Face of the Day

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their day. It’s so cold here in Michigan. I can’t believe it’s spring.

Yesterday was my daughters big 1st birthday party. It was a wonderful party and Mattie had so much fun.  

  It was a Minnie Mouse theme.

 So, this is the makeup I wore for the party.

I did my makeup at 10am and it last all day, through sweat and tears..lol  The primer I used was the NYX Photo-Loving Primer. It my favorite primer. The eye primer was the Wet n Wild Fergie eye primer. It’s one of the best affordable eye primers.

I’m not going to list all the products because it’s basically the same products that I have been using. I need to shake things up and shop my stash..lol

Coming soon!!!!  I’m going to start a series on different makeup and how and where to apply them. This series will be good for all the beginners.

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