Too Faced Bon Bon Palette 

There have been many reviews about this palette, so I’m not going to do a review. What I am going to do is tell you how much I love this palette.

I know, Too Faced can be a little gimicky with their products but they are so cute. This is my first Too Faced product and I’m hooked. My next purchase will be the original chocolate bar palette.

Things I love About This Palette-

  • The colors are rich and pigmented.
  • They blend beautifully because of their buttery texture.
  • The smell is amazing and kinda makes me hungry.
  • The packaging is so pretty.
  • I love how durable the packaging is, I feel like I can take it on a trip and it will be safe.

Here is a look that I did recently. I can’t wait to play with some of the brighter colors. 

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10 thoughts on “Too Faced Bon Bon Palette 

  1. I dropped my original chocolate bar and thankfully the actual shadows weren’t hurt but the pans did pop out! I had a mini heart attack. Lol!! May that never happen to our Bon Bon palettes!! 😝😝

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