Planning for Success

Yesterday was a very busy day. My husband and I threw a launch party for our new Scentsy business. Which was so much fun and we made some money and booked 5 parties. So the month of April is already booked up.Yay!!! Here’s the link if anyone is interested in Scentsy. Anyways, back to the topic. I was busy!!

Because I was so busy yesterday, I made some poor choices with my Weight Watchers diet and I neglected my blog. So, when we stopped at Staples to make copies, I decided to check out the planners. I really need to get my life organized. I thought a planner would be a great way to plan meals and blog posts. 

I came across Cynthia Rowley planners and they are so pretty and for $14.99 it actually was one of the cheapest planners available. My husband bought a plan black staples brand planner and it was $18.99. Plus, Cynthia Rowley had some really cute accessories, like this gorgeous makeup bag that I was dying to buy but I was a good girl and only bought the planner. 😩

I’m going to start today with organizing my life. Wish me luck because I’m so unorganized. 

Let me know if anyone has any tips on planning. Thanks for reading!!



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