Wet N Wild Primer and Setting Spray Review

When I saw that Wet n Wild had come out with primer and setting spray I was intrigued, I love the Wet n Wild Fergie eye shadow primer and I was hoping these would be just as good. Well…..

Wet n Wild Primer– claims to be “magic potion”, refine pores, fills fine lines, brightens complexion and evens skin tone.

My thoughts– This was not a “magic potion”. I don’t feel that it actually did anything at all. My pores and fine lines were still noticeable. If I would have used my foundation without the primer, I feel I would have had the same results. I will not be repurchasing.

Wet n Wild Setting Spray– On the bottle there are no directions or claims. I forgot to use this until after I applied my mascara, which was a huge mistake. I had mascara all over my eyes. Unless you have waterproof mascara, don’t spray after you apply mascara. That was a pain in the butt to fix.

My Thoughts– Since there are no claims printed on the bottle, I can’t say that the claims are false. But what I can say is that I don’t feel that this product in any way helped my makeup at all. It felt like I sprayed water on my face. My makeup didn’t last any longer than if I wouldn’t have used the setting spray. I will not be repurchasing.

I was hoping for a cheap alternative but you always get what you pay for, I’m just glad these were buy one get one 50% off.



4 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Primer and Setting Spray Review

  1. I purchased the setting spray and I am very pleased with it. I noticed that my makeup stayed fresher longer without much shine. I did apply a translucent powder to my face after the setting spray was dry. Also, I used a primer before I applied my foundation; the primer was not by Wet & Wild. I’d purchase the setting spray again!

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