Weight Loss Wednesday #1

  My Daughter Mattie and me.

I remember the summer before I started middle school, something happened. Puberty hit and it hit hard. I went from being an average weight little girl to turning into a woman almost over night. I kept gaining weight and I didn’t know why I was gaining, I was doing the same thing I always did. Ever since that summer I have kept gaining weight. I would gain and then lose and then gain more weight. I’ve never been skinny and I never will be skinny. But I want to be healthy.

I recently joined weight watchers online. I love the idea of following the program online because I’m embarrassed to be weighed in by someone. I know it’s a dumb reason but I have my insecurities. I thought maybe if I wrote about this journey it will help keep me motivated. I have a 10 month old little girl that I want to be able to catch when she starts to walk and run. 

I will be posting my progress every Wednesday. I’m taking baby steps by making my first goal to lose 20 pounds. Check back next Wednesday to see my progress.

I’m open to all advice and recipes.



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