Velvet Hand Cream

  Velvet Hand Cream No. 45
When you think of Scentsy, you don’t think skin care. When my husband and I started selling Scentsy a couple months ago, the only thing I knew about Scentsy was their wickless candles. So, I was pleasantly surprised that they also offer skin care products. I love lotions and and have been a huge fan of Bath and Body Works since I was a teenager. 

 Along with the velvet hand creams, they also offer fine fragrance roller perfume and whipped body soufflé. There are five different scents to choose from. I currently only have the No.45, which is lemon sugar, wild poppy and tonka bean. Scentsy describes it as fun and flirtatious. This sweet, sparkling fragrance captures pure femininity and the effortless charm that makes it irresistible. I always laugh when I read descriptions on fragrances. I’m not sure this hand cream captures pure femininity but it sure smells good. If you love the smell of lemons this is the hand cream for you and it really does make your hands feel like velvet. I live in Michigan and the winter months are so drying. I’ve been using the hand cream for almost a month and my hands look and feel good. If you’re curious about Scentsy skin care check it out, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

You get 2 fl. oz. for $18 but they are on sale for $16.20 during the month of February.


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